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Every woman experiences pregnancy in a different way. I work with each of my clients to create their own personalized plan that fits their schedule and needs. Take a look at the services below to see which of these best fits you and your family!

Expectant Couple

Prenatal Visits

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Birth Support

Hand on Bump

Postpartum Services

Compassionate Care

Pregnancy can be a beautiful time for mothers of all backgrounds. Prenatal visits gives me the opportunity to get to know my clients and their feelings, plans, and wishes for their pregnancy and beyond. This option is perfect for those who would like to create a birth plan or find out specific actions I provide during labor and delivery.

Unwavering Assistance

As a birth doula, I offer constant support to you and your family before, during and after birth. This option is typically best for clients who wish to have extra support during labor and delivery to help achieve their dream birth plan.

We're Here For You

Giving birth is a crucial time in motherhood, however postpartum is equally as important. Keeping in touch with my clients after delivery is key. This option is best designed for those who have chosen to have support during labor and delivery or opted for a prenatal visit.


Service Details

Pricing and Specifics

Birth Support

Birth support includes having continuous doula presence for the entirety of your labor and birth. This type of support will include non-medical comfort measures, breathing exercises, position changes, and more during the duration of your labor and birth. Photos may also be taken via iPhone by the doula, if you and your support persons wish. This package includes 1 prenatal visit and the entirety of your labor and birth, as well as up to one hour after your baby arrives. The cost of this package is $500.

Postpartum Services

Services take place any time after you and your baby arrive home. Some tasks included in this service include light housekeeping and tidying up, sibling care, emotional care for mom and family, newborn care, and light meal prep. The doula present will also be knowledgeable in newborn care, feeding and lactation management, postpartum mood disorders, and support for the partner and family. This package can include from 5 to 20 hours of postpartum care, with a minimum of 5 hours at $20 per hour.

Full Package

This package is perfect for the expecting family who wishes to have doula support from beginning to end. This plan includes 3 prenatal visits, where the birth plan is created and modified. In subsequent visits, any additional birthing information will be given and explained as well as basic preparation for birth. This package also includes doula support for your entire birth and labor, as well as up to one hour after your baby arrives. Lastly, this includes 5 hours of postpartum services. The full cost of this package is $750.

Low-Income Options

I take low-income clients on a case-by-case basis. This means if you wish to have one of the services listed but cannot afford the flat rate, a lower and more affordable option may be made available to you. ALL service costs may be made on a payment plan and I will work with your family to meet your specific needs. Please email me or send a message for more information on this special offer.